Monday, October 8, 2012

home school deliveries

the brown box of
home school choices arrived
last week...
(a little later than past years)
new material combined
with the old
keeping expectations in check
now knowing
with years under my belt
that real life always
curriculum learning
we've used apologia sciences
in the past...
but decided to take a less structured
approach to biology
this time around
biology 101:
biology according to the days of
with segments for viewing
and a printable
guidebook to complete
the year-long study

uncle eric
(richard maybury)
walk us through government
and economics in a conversational
and more importantly
understandable way

tough questions
posed by his neice and nephew

rounding off the economics course with
a mathematical approach
life of fred
i decided to part with saxon this year
the love/hate relationship
had my guys asking
"how will i ever use this stuff?"
stanley f. schmidt
creator of the series and Ph.D.
answers that question
life of fred
a funny name for an unconventional
and refreshing
approach to math
thank you, stanley!
you have to love a man who
wants to foster a love of
math while teaching
challenging concepts
he answered my e-mail
questions and concerns
that very same day
with a thoughtful response
he has made the program
affordable for
home schoolers on a budget
did I already say thank-you?
thank you.

finishing a series that was
started last year...

additional materials
borrowed from
our sara's
college curriculum
gotta love the lending libraries

keeping time open to play
and explore
personal interests
after all
that is how we humans
learn best
isn't it?
when we delve into that which interests us
and not that which is
forced upon us
laying the foundation
for a life-long love of
what arrived in your box today?

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