Thursday, November 28, 2013

with a thankful heart

table is set
turkey's in the oven
I've reached that moment
where I can relax
because I know it will all be ready
by 2 p.m. as planned
and now my heart can swell
with all that I am thankful for
simple things like
waking to a snow flaked world
holiday music filling the house
nibbling on the most delicious
chocolate chip cookie
that a friend recently shared with me
there was something different 
about that cookie
I insisted
and she shared
willing to tell me her secret
(thanks friend)
milk chocolate chips
and oh what a wonderful dance
it does play on the tongue
thank you, Jennifer!
remembering my yesterday
James helping with the cleaning
 mom helping in the kitchen
chopping and laughing and storytelling
what fun the preparations can be
when there is someone there to talk to
she washed as we went along
we taste-tested
and shared a coffee
at the pauses
with those warm buttery cookies 
sister Sue joined us
and stayed for a pizza dinner
that Joey drove to get
love those young...eager...I'll do it drivers
had some holiday cheer
Rudy and James willingly went to get
the necessary ingredients
Crown Royal and Vernor's high ball
 more talking 
more laughing
Hallmark watching
first thing this morning
I got a phone call from my baby sister, Mary
asking for the turkey hot-line
with a turkey too big for the roasting pan
together we came up with solutions
look for another pan
un-tuck the wings and make that bird fit
just cut those dang things off
shared a good laugh
across the miles
like only sisters can
and once again
with each passing year
I clearly see
it truly is the simple things
that make my heart 

Enjoy the symphony!

Happy Thanksgiving.

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