Monday, May 5, 2014

for cinco :: the BEST of the EASY guacamoles

As I recall 
it was before my
morning coffee...

you know it's gonna be a doozie
when the story starts off
with an excuse!

I actually asked
my sister none-the-less!
when is cinco de mayo
this year?

like, when's the 
Fourth of July?

it's today!

and in celebration
I am going to share my
love for the avocado
with my go-to

which always starts off
with 2 ripe 
which I mash  (not to much) in a bowl with
a pastry knife

then add
the juice of a lemon

another love of mine
I craved lemons
during my pregnancies

so this pairing
is a
 match made in heaven

Here's the recipe
it comes from
my days with
Le Leche League
and their cookbook
Whole Foods For The Whole Family
is it any wonder why
I reminisce

now I've been told
that when you alter a recipe
with 3 ingredients
you can claim it as your own
I wanted to give
Helen Palmer
her props!
I always use 2 avocados
and the juice of 1 lemon
garlic salt
4 cherry tomatoes-diced fine
leaving the seeds
on the cutting board floor

now this can be changed up
 lime vs lemon
no tomato or onion
jalapenos for heat
fresh garlic
but why mess around 
with perfection


Keep. It. Simple. Stupid!

Have you heard...
cinco de mayo
lands on
May 5th this year?

That's today!

Celebrate with this
Best of the Easy Guacamoles!


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