Wednesday, July 9, 2014

hippie chick :: summer revival

Weeks Four & Five: Moods & Meditations


Ah, lavender.
Lovely lavender.

As I make my way 
down this path of
natural body care
I've stumbled upon
the fact that
is closely linked

To be clear
I am a learner on this
a true newbie to the world of
essential oils
their uses
their properties
that go far beyond just
smelling good

They have the power to
kill bacteria and viruses
alter mood
and, yes...
smell good while doing it.

With this knowledge
one becomes somewhat of an
combining ingredients 
while mindful of
the power they hold.

has held a prominent position
this past week
as I prepared to do the one thing
that most people dread...
public speaking.

Or in my case
public singing.

When I was asked if I could
 lead worship
at church on a Sunday
while the rest of the group
was vacationing
I grappled
 for an excuse
 hoping to have pre-existing plans
but found myself nodding my head instead 
and saying...

I sing and strum for
God alone
in my living room and He
is always happy with my songs
people are...
that's when it hit me 
and I told myself 
"these are my people...
and they will be forgiving and understanding
if I mess up"

Those words
that thought 
continually crept into my brain
reminding me
reassuring me
that I could do this

In those moments
when the butterflies threatened
to flutter in a panic
I would say those words and turn to

yoga and lavender

meditation and breathing...


It is nearly impossible for me
to separate
meditation and song
from my 
prayer life

When on the mat
the asanas
the breathing 
the rhythm
come together in much the same way
and as I lie in corpse pose
with a lavender eye mask 
to block any light
and enhance the effect

positive thoughts
flow in 
negative out
and I leave 
feeling calm and refreshed

I knew the calming effect of lavender
but recently learned of
Stephanie Tourles
recommendation of taking several
deep inhalations 
directly from the bottle
to calm nervous jitters

I went a step further
the day of praise
dabbing it on my wrists
for a sniff as needed
and a reminder
all would be well.


The best way to describe
my state of being
on Sunday morning.
Not only leading worship song
with Heidi, the keyboardist
and Dan, the backup singer
but being

And so this journey
takes me to
wonderful destinations
down interesting side roads
discovering unexpected gems
along the way.

To which I am compelled 
 to say...


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