Thursday, January 1, 2015

a new year

With the blissful blur
known as December
behind us

the work parties
the gift finding
the wrapping in colorful paper
the decorating with jewels from the attic
bringing to mind
Christmases past
the remembering
the snicker doodles 
peanut butter cookies with blossoming
chocolate kisses
pecan roca candy
the card sending and receiving
 the feeling of joy when the mail is brought in 
a little pile assembled
opening each with a smile
the stressful moments
which I had hoped would pass me by
finding me
 right on time
the Christmas Eve family service
singing of carols
two special girls at the alter
listening to a story with
growing impatience
the family gathering
smaller than usual
just as sweet
with all the trimmings
that make it
our Christmas

with all that behind us
we settle down
for a quiet night
just the four of us
with plans for game night
traded in for
binging on
Blue Bloods
tending to a 
Christmas cold
that some did not avoid

game night will have to wait

the warming by a fire
drink at hand
a pizza and Greek salad
the falling asleep
on a couch that bears my imprint 
the wakening with a shake at midnight
to welcome in the new year
sharing of kisses
and wishes
and a secret
that you have a feeling
a hunch, actually
that 2015
is going to be
a very good year.

quite possibly
the best year yet...

and that my friends 
is my simple wish

my prayer
for each of you.

Happy New Year.

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