Wednesday, January 7, 2015

winter blue

If each month were assigned
a color
 would have to be given

i did not take this picture

the closest i could find
in winter landscape images
that resembled a moment
that found me 
without my camera
i knew at the time
all the shades of blue
the denim of my jeans
the slate interior of our ford pickup
driving through fresh snow
reflective of the glacial cloudless sky
perfect lighting that only nature can provide
couldn't possibly be fully captured
with a mere photo

at the time
i said aloud to James
this is what winter looks like
winter blue
and we started a conversation
on how we wished we could
such moments with a camera
how fruitless
the attempt would be
for us at least
amateur photographers

its the essence
the feelings
the complexities
the whole of it
not just a small snippet
the completeness

i think it's closely linked
to the emotions
that are stirred in you
a memory that is created
while at the same time
with years to go by
a memory tapped into
a reference
that was cataloged
for the very reason
you found yourself digging in
your purse
coming away with the realization
that you left both your camera and i-phone

so with a blink of the eyes
 a prayer in your heart
because you are wise with those years
the hope
that this memory will be there
to hold onto 
as a reminder
of how beautiful
can be.

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