Monday, August 25, 2014

hippie chick :: summer revival

Summer Skincare :: Part 2

Have you ever stepped outside
and found yourself declaring
out loud
what a perfect day
it is

warm sun
gentle breeze 
when you need it
birds chirping
no bugs bugging
kind of perfection

You may start watering the plants
and pulling a weed here
and there
you end up putting the cushions
on the chairs
filling the cooler with ice
and beverages
cranking up the beach music
skimming the pool
sipping a berry blue beer

and finding yourself
planning an impromptu
 pool party

because this kind of day
is meant to be

So I did just that.

Did I apply my sunscreen
first thing in the a.m.?
because I'm a big baby who
doesn't like the 
feeling of product
on my skin.

Don't get me wrong 
I use SPF on my face
I spray myself with
sport strength
before long bouts on the bike
at the courts
by the pool

I'm not a fan of anything
on my skin
maybe something to do with
Michigan humidity
let's go with that.

at nighttime
I treat myself to
Cocoa Butter Creamy Lotion 
For Face and Body
"this non-greasy, deeply moisturizing
and hydrating cream doubles as an after-sun leaves skin 
very soft and silky..."
 Stephanie Tourles
(recipe on-line!)
from her 
Organic Body Care Recipes
and she is right.

Like all recipes
I read through it completely
and began gathering/purchasing/borrowing
the necessary ingredients

Mise en place
(MEEZ ahn plahs)
to put in place
prepared and ready to go

using the rarely used
double boiler
to gently warm the oils, butters, wax
until melted
then combining
with the glycerin mixture
in a food processor
until the magic happens

and a smooth
velvety lotion forms
stirring in
my choice options of 
lavender and vanilla
essential oils
storing in little
wide-mouthed ball canning jars
for easy access

with all the other
nighttime essentials

an after shower

Cooking up lotions and potions
all kinds of
good-smelling concoctions 
in my kitchen.

It doesn't get any more
natural than that.


  1. All sounds very lovely (and I'm with you on products in the heat of summer, blah!), but I'm seeing borax in your picture of the ingredients. Really?

    1. Yes...borax acts as a binder and texturizer; in this case it also aided in the formation of a stable emulsion. Borax whitens, is a weak antiseptic, and natural preservative; much like baking soda it softens hard water...yes...borax!


    2. Very cool! I'm used to seeing it in home cleaners and such. I think I had seen it once in a homemade shaving cream recipe, but that was it. What is the book you have?