Monday, February 22, 2010

Game Night...and Day

Spare time. Remember that concept? We have a lot more of it than we think...especially true for my family at the moment. With video games banned for a's a long story, but believe me, it was a just consequence...I am requested to play board games daily. Our family favorite, bar none, is Scrabble. I've convinced myself that it is an extension of our home school day. Using the dictionary, learning new vocabulary words, utilizing math skills, planning strategic moves...come on, you've gotta give me this one! We take our game play very seriously around here. Gabe, the nephew I mention in the last post, often joins us and he has really upped our game. His Pogo sharpened skills have elevated him to a new level and we have been studying from the master. Rules to live by in our Scrabble playing world...NEVER waste an "S", know your two-letter words, play your blanks wisely, and skipping your turn to dump tiles can be VERY advantageous. My 14 year old proved this final rule to be true last night...skipping and dumping while in last place. On his next turn he was able to break ahead with his 7 letter word...SERVINGS...for a whopping 70 points! Proud moment for a parent. James, my 11 year old, played his first 7 letter word...CARDINAL...the night before. I'm busting over here! The final score, for those of you who care...let's just say mom lost by 1 point. It's also a rule in my house that adults NEVER throw a game. So when you win, you know you've won fair and square. My favorite family rule came into play last night...winner picks up! It keeps those darn winners humble. Winter Olympics and Scrabble...they go together like movies and and snow...peanut butter and get the idea. Play Scrabble and learn.

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