Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Market Tote

Road-trip Tote. Flea Market Tote. Urban Tote. Library Tote. Beach Day Tote. I had a hard time naming this one because it can be all that and then some. Fashionable. Rugged, discontinued upholstery fabrics. Old denim touches. Strong enough to carry your heavy stuff and pretty enough to tote around your latest crocheting project. Look at some of the awesome fabrics I salvaged when I spotted a box-load at a local furniture store.
QUESTION: "Whatcha gonna do with those?"
RESPONSE: "Nothing, you want them?!"
FINAL ANSWER: "You betcha."
I brought home the whole shebang and waited for inspiration to strike. The Market Tote was born. I've been test driving helps me to identify the good, the bad, and the ugly in the design. With a few necessary modifications, this could be one of my favorites.
I'll let you know what those alterations are in an upcoming post...this is what's known as a blog cliffhanger.
Stay tuned!

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