Wednesday, November 7, 2012

staying the course

Right about now you
might be asking yourself...
Is she really going to go
Quite simply...
I will say however...
this is a great country we live in...
where each person has a voice
that is heard.
The people have spoken
and now is the time
to rally together
and support the President of
the United States.
Do I hear...
Switching gears
to the true purpose of this post...

Our October read
carried over into November...
as we began Frankenstein
we all had mixed reviews.
Now I am a firm believer in
putting a book aside
after giving it a good
solid start...
but there were aspects of Shelley's work
that made me want to
stick it out.
we have all heard or seen
so many inaccurate
interpretations of this novel
that I had a true desire
to know the original
written in the early 1800's
we encountered language not
used regularly in today's world.
(loved the dictionary feature
on Kindle:)
Score one for vocab!
when a story guides
you naturally through serious
issues of
exploring the unknown
following your dreams
personal responsibility
feelings of rejection
the importance of love
balancing intellect and emotion
heart and mind.
one must
stay the course.
It may not have been the gripping
page-turner I was hoping for
but it was thought provoking
and a wonderful
means for open discussion.
Getting your teens to
well worth the effort
put forth!

Leaving me eager
to devour the classics...
one by one
in an attempt to learn
more about
and our
Any suggestions to our stack above?
We are planning on
The Gift of The Magi
for our December read
but welcome your
Good day to you!
Now go read a good book!


  1. I would add Dickens to the pile - especially since you love words. His descriptions are exquisite. The Christmas Carol is a great short read. Great expectations is a gorgeous long,intense and rich read.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation...The Christmas Carol will pair up nicely with the O. Henry's short story I have planned for December. could I forget?!