Friday, November 30, 2012

~this moment~

A Friday ritual. 
A simple...
extraordinary moment
from my week.
A moment I want to pause...savor...
remember forever.
No photo...
just words.
Sharing my special moment.

See her reclined
at her desk...
feet propped on a nearby
chair that has been
drawn close to
accommodate the posture
A coffee rests beside her
*half full*
still warm
begging to be drunk
a soft light illuminates
from the computer sitting
on her lap
busy at work...
To the keen observer we see
a control at her hip
with a red button glowing
on the display panel to
*full back*
no wonder she has such a
serene expression
She is
a bad word in her world
since she has been unable to
 accomplish such a feat...
and so she finishes
the work on
her laptop
and proceeds to the
task at hand

a shiatsu massage

Happy Weekending, All!

she has yet to work out
that glitch!)

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  1. Enjoy the massage and thank you for visiting my moment! Have a great weekend.

    My Moment