Saturday, February 23, 2013


In a recent post I mentioned
how a soft white trim paint
is a kinder and gentler choice
for an older home.
I then compared it to
diffused lighting
after fifty.

Let me show you what I
meant by that.

Pay special attention to the 
freshly painted 
Looks great at a glance.

let's take a closer look...
The entire time I painted
I was on my knees
having a conversation
with God.
Some may look at those
nicks and dings
and cracks
and want to replace all the floorboards.

 like me
wonder how they got there.
Imagine the lives that put them there
and say a prayer of thanks
for providing
for blessings.

This is an old homestead
we live in.
Families before mine
gathered here.
Played here.
Lived here.
Maybe died here.
A door stop was needed
at this northern spot
where the front door once swung.
That entry had been changed
before we arrived
to the east side of the house
but I have seen pictures
of our home with this
as the front door.


Some belonging to others
and some that are all mine.
An original piece of hardware.
This register has seen a lot of action
in the winters.
I can still see my now 26 year old
with a blanket tucked into the edges
all around him 
waiting for the furnace to turn on
and fill his makeshift tent
with warming air
first thing in the morning.
It has looked like this since we
purchased our home in 
I loved it then 
and I love it now.
Other than getting a fresh coat of
paint every 10 years
I see it as 

It got me to thinking
how forgiving 
can be.

Covering flaws.
Hiding little secrets.
Like a concealer for blemishes.

That's when it hit me
there on my knees
that's how God is.
He sees beyond those flaws
and sees the true beauty
He created.

Painting with white
 as He does...
making everything


Another reason to give thanks
and praise.
On my knees...
is exactly where I am supposed
to be.

Happy Weekend to all!


  1. My pastor told me recently then when God looks at us, He looks at us through the filter of redemption. He looks at us and sees Jesus. I love that thought! your beautiful old house. Love you!

    1. I love how your pastor thinks...thanks for sharing. I love you too...and how you think as well!