Monday, February 25, 2013


As I paint
I am keenly aware
of how much
we have
been given

We didn't have much time between
surgeries and holidays
and my father-in-laws passing
to really plan on what to do
with all of his belongings
that weren't needed
or wanted
by someone we knew.
Much of it remains in storage.
Storage we are paying for
and therefore
anticipating a warmer day for a major
garage sale.

A large portion came here
as added storage to our own stuff
that needs to be 
Let's face it
during our 30 year marriage
we have been pretty good at
so we are now experiencing
stuff overload.

As paintings came off the walls...
trinkets (I just couldn't live without!)
stood temporarily
on my dining room table...
extra chairs relocated
to make room to paint...

I have enjoyed space.

in all that excess
this weekend
an extra-special delivery
A result of going
to Best Buy
without mom.

I wish I could say our
old set died
but that is not the case...
this is a simple case of
bigger is better
under the guise of
technology changes and enhancements
that give our home
a theater experience
without ever leaving our 
living room.

How exciting.
(sarcasm in case you didn't pick
up on that)

After a few choice words...
followed by a late night viewing
of Flight
(a flight that crashed right there on the floor
in front of me...I swear!)

In a moment of weakness
I said 
"Since this room is used 90 percent
of the time for watching
television anyway...
why shouldn't we make it as entertaining
and enjoyable as
Or something to that effect.

The end result has been filled
with mixed emotion.
Rudy would have taken it all back
because he's a smart (brave) man
(slow...but smart)
he lives under the rule
happy wife...happy life.
James is in heaven
especially while watching
The Walking Dead...
we actually had zombies walking around our
living room!
well Joe is a lot like me
filled with misgivings.
Truth be told...
I think he liked our old set better
and he was hoping mom would 
put a stop to the insanity.

Now the question
dancing through my head...
How long is one allowed to return items...
that have been very slightly used?
Items that were agreed upon
in a moment of weakness?

Don't just sit there...
help me out with this one!
Joe is looking for a calm
voice of reason.

Remember Rule #21...
When in doubt call Uncle Ed!?
Expect a text...


  1. You are asking Uncle Ed? Seriously? He of the obscenely large television in the basement? You gotta know what his answer will be! And yes, it has ruined the movie theater experience for us. The quality at those theaters is terrible, the sound spotty, and the popcorn disgusting.The next question is this: Do I have to find another house with a room large enough to accommodate that monstrous thing? I say keep it. You can probably pay for it w/ all of the checks waiting for you at H.I.L. ! LOL!

    1. LOL...maybe that's why I want to ask him...he, like you, will tell me to keep it and enjoy. I guess I was having buyers angst and feeling a wee bit of guilt and therefore looking for someone to give me permission to enjoy this ridiculous purchase! Thanks for being that voice! XO