Wednesday, February 27, 2013


a meat substitute
made from vital wheat
gluten flour.

When I first started on this vegan path
substitutes were the furthest
thing from my mind.
I remember trying
fake hot dogs
some things just shouldn't or can't be
a hot dog is one of those things.

Then bad memories
would remind me
that I really didn't miss 'em that much...
finding a hair in one (gag as I type)
a cockroach in a bun (eeew)
gristle encounters.
I will stop right there before I
make myself puke.

But I have journeyed down this road
for almost a year now
and I have found myself longing for
hearty winter meals like
pot roast with roasted veggies

Tofu can only take you so far.

Then I heard about
I started gathering some info on my own
and through Heather's guidance
at Whole Food Kitchen
Post Punk Kitchen.

When I saw a recipe for that stew
I had been dreaming about...
it was love at first sight.

Hard to figure out how to pronounce
but a breeze to make.
Mix simple ingredients together.
Form into 5 inch sausage links.
Wrap in foil and
steam for 40 minutes.

The unveiling.

It smells like Italian sausage.
It looks like Italian sausage.
It slices like Italian sausage.

Tonight it will be joined
with some carrots
and potatoes 
and celery
and a savory sauce
to create a good old-fashioned
where the taste will be decided.
Thank you Post Punk Kitchen
for satisfying my craving
and for making me
that I never have to say
to the things I love.

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