Thursday, February 14, 2013

tea will make you feel better

When one isn't feeling
as good as one should
a proper tea
is called for.
Sure I could zap a mug
in the microwave
but where is the art in that?

a proper
(or as proper as I'm ever
going to get!)

Get that kettle whistling
prime the pot.
You do that by swishing 
some of that hot water in a clean pot
and letting it sit
for a bit.
After about 3 minutes
empty your pot 
and drop in your tea of choice
Yorkshire Gold
is my favorite blend.

Fill the pot with that
boiling water
Or in tea terms...
let it steep.

And if you own a cute tea cozy
now would be the time
to put it on
your pot.

(I found this set at Target for
a mere $7 on Christmas clearance!)

Some like their tea strong...

Pour to your preference.
But before you do...
try this little trick
mom taught me.

Rub a bit of butter
(or margarine)
at the spout to prevent

There must be a scientific reason here...
oil water thing I'm sure.

Then pour.
Today's choice...
raw sugar.

If you're feeling the Brit
in you...
(Is there another way?)
add a spot of cream...
All that is left now
is to enjoy
your brew.

Which is best accomplished with
a loved one.
Sitting near a sunny window.
Curled under a blanket.
Watching a good movie.

On our way to feeling

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  1. Love the new blog look! It's very zen. This was a fun post...Mom certainly taught us the art of tea. :)