Thursday, February 13, 2014

beyond the iron

True story.

Saturday morning
 lounging on our king-sized bed
enjoying  room service breakfast
watching a movie
a bad B-rated movie from the 80's
(I think)
that had me laughing out loud
it was the final scene
that suspenseful moment that often
accompanies sports related movies...
Karate Kid
only this particular movies'
critical moment 
was on the ice
it was about the sport of

When I got home I shared
some of the intense comedic scenes
with my guys 
laughing as I did
explaining to their blank expressions
that it is like 
"shuffleboard on ice"

I swear to God this happened.

Little did I know
that curling was about to
part of our days.

We are an 
Olympic watching family

Now maybe it is due to the fact
that much of the coverage
is on a Canadian channel
where curlers are like
rock stars
but what in past years
was a blurb
a brief detour
before quickly returning to
downhill skiing
ice skating
you know...
those winter sports we all know and love
is this Olympics' feature
literally hours of

intense stare downs

often followed by screaming
of directions 

"sweep faster"

group strategizing

that has me wanting to
try a sport
that I was just making
fun of...

Go figure.

First things first.


What's the object of the game?

What are the rules?

How does the scoring work?

do you find curling arenas?

Most important
Where do you get those cool shoes
that glide on the ice
like a smooth Michael Jackson
dance move?

Gotta get me some!

When I find the answers
to these pressing questions
I will be sure to pass it on.

Until then

Get your curling on!

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  1. Or you can watch the Olympics on the Detroit station and see some great freestyle skiing:). xo