Monday, February 17, 2014

off the needles

Such an exciting moment
when you come to that
last stitch 
on the needles

and shout out with joy
I'm done!

All that's left
is weaving in the ends

and trying them out.

Such a soft wool
such a needed pair of
fingerless gloves.

Sister Tina
made me a pair years ago
(we were talking and it has been more
years than I thought...yikes!)
I wore the heck out of those
they started developing little holes
near the thumb
which proved to be
my driving force to get these finished.

once you own a pair
it is hard to turn back

they see you through
those cool fall nights

right until 
Spring chills

I wear mine all winter too

for quick trips to the store
just about every day.

The big daddy's are reserved
for shoveling

With that sense of accomplishment
grabbing hold

I turned my attention to
Kierstin's Slouchy Hat

which will 
have to wait until her birthday
to be put on her 
cute little head

Those blues
are going to really make 
her baby blues

the pattern is reversible
with a slight variation
in the design

here's the flip

don't look too close
there are a few
unique stitches
that I have come to embrace
with memories

I've learned to
 knit responsibly!

I may not be the
fastest knitter
the most proficient
(alcohol or not)
but for some strange reason
I enjoy having a project
on the needles

maybe it's because
when the snow falls
and oh
how it has been falling
and the guys are happily watching
another movie
I get antsy
need to keep busy
doing something

I think I've decided on 
my next something.

Thank you
for sharing.

I'm heading to 
Vintage Yarn's today
and who knows
you just might get some company
to get me started on the right road
to this bias loop.

Did I mention...
Tina is the proficient knitter
of the family
(no slam intended, Susie :)
it's always a good excuse to
stop for a visit!

Once yarn is in hand...
I'm gonna say it,

Let it Snow!

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