Thursday, February 20, 2014

long nights

getting shorter

It's 6 pm and still light out!
declared sister Sue as she dropped me off
the other night

It's's true!

 I've noticed my mornings
are getting brighter earlier

It's happening

we are still in winter's grasp
even with
today's weird weather pattern

rain and thunder

 50 degrees

melting mountains of snow

water pouring from the heavens

a forecast of
cold and snow
by this weekend

 has everyone talking
about flooding
translate slippery

the drive home from work
was a breeze
compared to walking 
from my car to the backdoor

what is it about
slipping and sliding around
even with cautious baby steps
that has me feeling
like people are watching and laughing?

Probably a result
of growing up
in a family of seven
that found sheer pleasure
in witnessing
one of their own
in such a predicament

once safely
without any embarrassment
real or imagined
one thing was on my mind
(probably shouldn't admit that)

Black Gold 

Texas Tea
otherwise known as
Homemade Kahlua

Mark Lucarelli
from Al's Upholstery
shared this recipe with me at Christmastime
saying it was his favorite winter drink
As was already established
it is still winter
and those long nights
are so much more enjoyable
with a nice warming cup of

Had it straight up
for some real heat

Tried it in a cafe mocha...

My go-to after work moment
called for
a White Russian

Kahlua and Cream.

My cream of choice being almond milk.
One word...

You know it's good stuff
when you start making up words!

You too can become a neologist
(Is that a real word OR did I make it up???)
because I'm gonna share Mark's recipe
right here
right now.

Mark Lucarelli's Kahlua

1 1/2 Cups Water
4 Cups Sugar
1 Cup Instant Coffee
2 oz. Real Vanilla Extract

Boil water
Add sugar and return to boil
Add coffee and vanilla

Mix with a Fifth of Vodka
(filtered 2x's with a Brita)
Since I don't have one
 I filtered mine with
 wet coffee filters
placed in the filter holder thing-y
from my coffee maker
placed on top of a plastic pitcher 
to drain into.

It worked great 
but Mark tells me the Brita is best

I don't know about that

mine turned out
just fine.

Feeling warm and fuzzy.

Oh Happy Day...

a wee bit longer one 
at that...

Oh Happier Night!


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