Wednesday, April 23, 2014

sewing reflections

it's been a long time
since i've done this kind of sewing

with tissue-paper-pattern-pieces

layout to assembly

following directions

how could I help

found this temptation on the
clearance shelf
at Barnes and Noble
and it was
love at first sight

our local B&N
just so happens to be
located right next to
Jo-Ann Fabric

it was destiny.

in a time crunch 
i gave myself one rule
don't over-think
 fabric choices

pick 5
with sister sue's stamp of approval
and drive

relying on my early days
of sewing techniques

read directions
(color inside the lines)
and sew

it was like visiting
 an old friend

now i need to confess
right here
that the instructions called
for a muslin mock-up
which I didn't do

I did flat-pattern measure
and made some customization
(enlarged the waist just a tad)
but in the end
i think it was a bit roomy
and i would have preferred it a wee
bit tighter...
hug my hips 
rather than
well, here
let me show you

as you can see
i didn't fuss over
i threw on a top
stepped into some sandals
donned some winter-white legs
and unpainted toes
to show you
the possibility

enjoyed the fun detailing

a single pocket
a ruffle hem
rick rack trim

you heard it coming didn't you?

i remembered a few of the reasons
i stopped sewing 
like this

first of all
you can't really
and decide if the look is for you
if not
return it!

the cost.

factoring in the book,
 @ $10 a yard
adds up
notions...zipper, interfacing, thread,

At one time
sewing saved money
and that's still possible
you purchase sale fabric
use a pattern repeatedly
raid your stash of stuff

i didn't do that
so I won't be revealing
the final cost...
i will just say,

i enjoy creating
my own look
through re-purposing
clothing found
second-hand stores
my attic!

in the end
it was fun seeing and
with this old friend of mine

we departed 
with the knowing that sometimes comes
like a realization
with all those great memories
you share
your lives have taken a different path
gone down different roads
with detours
that caused a change
in your relationship
and although you may not 
get-together often
they still pop in your mind at strange times 
and you know
you'll always be happy
to see them.

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  1. I think it's super cute AND one-of-a-kind, which justifies the expense. See how I can rationalize things? You're welcome. LOL! Now make another one using recycled fabric and clothing parts, divide that dollar total by two, and you'll feel better about the expense. Great seeing you this weekend! Love ya!