Thursday, April 10, 2014

what's for dinner

with morning under way
and work 
outside of the house
upon me
 my thoughts are already
turning to dinner
because when i have a plan 
especially on busy days
dinner not only happens
it happens 


thanks to
Isa Chandra
Post Punk Kitchen
i can type in the ingredients
i have on hand
and the menu develops
Mac & Cheese
sounds like a great
Thursday meal

Mac & Shews even better
with sauerkraut in its arsenal
i find i crave this comfort food
at the oddest times
like at 7:21 in the morning
for instance

cashews are now soaking
to give this mac its special

it needs a green side
it would be so lonely all alone
i have broccoli
in the frig
typed it in

Roasted Broccoli
haven't had that yet
and can't wait to try it
sounds like the perfect pairing

the only thing left
is to prepare it
when i get home...

that's the fun part!

Thank you,
for making my Thursday evening
something to look
forward to.

*all images are from her amazingly easy
wildly delicious
vegan website

check it out.

1 comment:

  1. We had roasted broccoli tonight! My family says it's the only way to eat it...we love it! Have you tried oven roasted baby carrots yet? Sublime!