Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One Man's Junk

An old friend of the family
The Young Scrappers
because he had some "buried junk"
in the back forty.
He told the guys that he would help them
unearth the stuff...
if they wanted to load and haul it away.
Big Rusty Farm Eqipment.
Sounded like a job for Dad.
Back in the day...
farmers would bury their
on unused portions of land.
Who knows?
Maybe they still do.
A few hours later...
this was the load I saw coming up the drive.
If I had my way...
which I won't...
I would create...something...
from this heap o' steel.
Do you see what I see?
Beautiful pieces of once working
without a voice.
A good year...
graduation year for me and my babe.
Pieces were scattered around my
yard as the guys
rearranged the load.
They know me well enough
to know...
certain pieces will have to stay.
An old wagon wheel
finds a new
A rusty Tonka dump-truck...
added to my collection of
yard art.
It is so very true...
One man's junk truly is...
my treasure.

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