Monday, October 24, 2011

Twinplex For Rent

A Weekend Project
Armed with a vision...
(sometimes a dangerous thing)
we set out preparing the firm foundation.
Then turned our attention
to that which inspired it all.
That's a mailbox.
An old, rusty mailbox that James
found while scrapping.
I shared my vision with
my wonderfully patient husband
who in turn introduced me to
all the necessary tools
to make it happen.
A 1-inch drill bit
for the door.

And then a smaller something-nth drill bit for the perch. Giving the whole project

a punk art vibe.

Our little bird oasis

is under way.

Come one...

come all.

We have thistle for the finch

sunflower seeds for the jays...the nuthatch...

the cardinals...

and the little sparrows.

All our welcome!

Even the squirrels.

And if they are compelled to stay...

We have the accommodations.

What you can't see

(because I forgot to take THAT picture)

is the wooden house divider


The amenities include:

A door on opposite ends

each with their

own perch...

and a large spacious room

to nest in.

Zoey approved of our work.

She liked it so much

she wanted to lay

by her new


All day.

Now I am getting word out

that we are ready for renters.

The price is right...

for a lovely song

you will get free food...water...

and a guard dog.

A work in progress.

Tell all your feathered friends the news!


  1. Too cute! Reminds me of the time that Ed made me a water feature with an old mailbox for my garden in Missouri. Can't wait to see it in person this week. I'll bring the coffee, but you better supply the creamer! ;) Love ya!

  2. So cute. You guys did a great job. The birds will be so happy. They kinda figure you owe them, after cutting their condo (tree) down earlier this year :D