Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh, What A Night

Leaves now crunch
beneath my feet
Under trees
who have no leaves
A sliver moon
in a darkened sky
Peaks through the clouds
as they pass by
A hollowed gourd
stands at the door
Smiles brightly
for the neighborhood
It tells of treats
so chocolate-y sweet
Can be yours
with a "thank-you" please
The goblins and pirates
gather round
To eat the booty
they have found
Hang out with friends
who laugh and tease
Watch scary movies
like 'What Lies Beneath'
A night like this
comes once a year
When a little scare
is what you cheer
With bellies full
a tad bit queasy
Oh, what a night
'tis Halloween

1 comment:

  1. Jenny,

    You absolutely, positively have to bring your bike with you this weekend to Noblesville. The weather will be perfect ... mid-sixties and sunny. The trails will be ablaze with color against a beautiful blue sky. I guarantee it'll be your best bike ride of the year! Say 'no' to the same old junk stores and let's hit the road for some real adventure!