Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Family Gathering

Apple Picking Day.
A Thompson family tradition that
dates back to circa 1981.
In recent years we have
forgone the actual apple picking
in favor of our favorite pastime...
Rudy and James seated themselves at
a prominent location...
the end of the buffet table.
I didn't marry/raise no dummies!
Good pickin's...
potato soup, pizza, German potato salad,
sloppy joes, cucumber sandwiches,
brownies, pecan bars
apple crisp...
and so much more!
We spread out under the
shelter at
Vienna Park.
It was a bit chilly...this was our latest
gathering ever...
normally we shoot for September.
But the family love kept us warm.
I guess we do more than eat and talk...
here Joe and Jeff
are playing catch.
(I caught Jeff doing the Heisman!)
I've heard some stories that my nephew Ben
should be a professional quarterback.
So, if there are any scouts reading
contact me and I will send you his way!
James claims he got a bruise
by trying to catch
one of his amazing spirals.
Did I mention laughing?
I caught Mary in an open-mouthed laugh here...
I know she'll appreciate it.
I wish I would have heard George's joke...
he always tells some whoppers.
They brought their family mascot along.
Dogs are welcome...
as are babies.


Beautiful blue eyes...

just like his daddy.

Making a statement with that mo-hawk hat.

Mom and Jillian posing it up

for the camera.

A late arrival?

No problem as long as you brought

more food.
Here I am messing with perspective

at Heather's expense!

She's just a wee little lass.
Mom looking beautiful as always...

standing in front of

the play area loaded with


Family Gatherings...

the best of times.

All because two people fell in love.

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