Monday, November 21, 2011

On The Road Again

The Scrappers are Back!
Our day started early in the a.m.
with a travel
mug filled with
Chock Full o' Nuts
Then out to my newest love...
I haven't named her yet
so I'm open for suggestions.
Our red Ford Ranger
was too nice for
our rough and wild ways...
when we were offered a pretty
penny for her
we said our sad good byes.
Ergo...we were out of business.
Sort of.
When we found metal we
made it fit in my Jeep Cherokee.
This morning we were all smiles.
In our new/old
Ford F150.
I have one word to describe her...
She heated up fast for our
early take-off.
Our lucky charm.
She led us right
to some
precious metal.
Even with the 8 foot bed
we had a 3 foot over-hang.
We're talkin a big find!
A loaded bed...
the best kind.
We high-fived our success
and headed home
by way of back roads.
First day back in business.
Here's the one
who made this post possible. (other than James)
A classic ride. We found her in
Maybee, OH...
way down country roads.
We had been looking all weekend.
Nothing was quite right.
We were about to call it a day
when we decided to check this baby out.
An hour from home...
at night...
but it was love at first sight.

She'll be twenty this year...

with plenty of miles left in her.

When you see this in your

rear view

don't forget to wave.

I'm thinking our bumper sticker

should read...

"You Wish"

for all the other trucks out there.
Because it doesn't get any better than this.

A Ford F150...

Royal blue with a broad white stripe...

cushy seats...

a radio that works...

an 8 foot bed...

loaded down with metal!
The Young Scrappers
are Back in Business!

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