Monday, November 28, 2011

Around The Table

A Thanksgiving Like No Other
In that I was unusually calm...
making my family feel like
something wasn't
quite right.
Where was that woman who barked-out
sweeping...and peeling
With a small group of guests...
I am happy to say,
she was
not in attendance.
Why stress?
That's my new motto.
Somehow the food is always ready
on time and family
gathers at the table to enjoy
the spread.
With a lot of
"remember when"
Between bites.
My sister Mary called from Indy
after hearing how I got
together with Mom on Wednesday
to prepare many of the side dishes...
cranberry salad, green jello salad,
apple sauce, pumpkin pies.
She said..."I thought from your blog
you were going to
To which I replied,
"Read it again...I said I was
going to enjoy the process...we still
want all our side dishes...I just
enjoyed making them."
From every angle...
Working with mom in the kitchen
was one of the highlights
of the holiday...
such fun bumping into each other...
mixing, concocting...
taste testing
My boys telling me that
this was one of their
The food has been cleared away...
a little turkey and
green jello are all that remain
after weekend nibbling.
And of course...
of good times...good food...
shared with good people.
I hope your holiday was just as filling!

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