Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Owl Be Home For Christmas

That Wide-Eyed Creature of the Night
That Wise Old Feathered Friend
The Owl
I used to doodle this bird
on the margins of my paper
when I was in school.
Have you noticed?
He's made a comeback!
I can't go anywhere these days without
seeing this now
retro design.
I found myself doodling again...
creating an image I liked...
then turning to my
felted woolens
to bring the image to life.
Blanket Stitch...Running Stitch...
a couple of vintage buttons
set off by the daisy background...
a little stuffing...
a pinch of balsam...
more stitching and
there he was!
Looking happy to have been

With a twine loop

so he can

hang around for the holidays.

I felt he needed a branch

to perch on.

Those that I doodled in school

always sat in a tree

with the moon behind them.

It just made sense

to me.

Here he is in shades of gray,

blue and burgundy.

Do you know what

a flock of owls is called?

My guess...


Hung on the tree

where he can keep a watchful eye on things.

Scenting his surroundings

with the mellow classic

Frasier Fir.

"Owl be home for Christmas... you can count on me... please have snow and mistletoe... and owls upon the tree..."

Owl be seeing you...
okay, okay...
owl stop now.

Enjoy your day...create something beautiful.

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