Monday, November 7, 2011

A Room With A View

This past weekend
I was "feeling very into sisters"...and mom.
We (all those in MI)
packed our bags...loaded
Tina's new Caddy
and hit the road to see missing
sister #4 (and her family)
who live outside of Indy.
Mary and Ed have a beautiful home.
But this November
right outside their dining room
kept stealing my
Each moment...every new angle of
the sun...
made me want to grab
my camera.
Early mornings were all mine
since for some odd reason
I was waking at 5 a.m.
That gnarly Buckeye tree
silhouetted on the
created the perfect
Halloween backdrop.
This view from their lower level...
a rolling hill...
that leads to
the garden gate...
which opens to a world of natural wonder...
a world with walking trails
coyote droppings...Osage orange treasures...
and winding surprises...
gave me reason to pause.
We talked and talked
laughed and cried...
shopped and cooked
hiked and played...
watched Hallmark holiday movies
ate and drank...
and drank some more
shared a bed like the good old days...
went to church.
We surrounded ourselves with those we love...
(things are so over-rated).
A line we love to quote
with our husbands nearby for an added laugh...
"Husbands come and go...but sisters are forever!" Thank you sisters...
I needed that!


  1. Ditto. I was great. Love you all! Tina

  2. It was a wonderful time. I am missing it already. x

  3. It was just what the doctor ordered! Thanks again for coming, ladies! Mi casa es su casa, Luke and John's beds are your beds! :)Love you all!