Monday, October 17, 2011

Out-takes & In-takes :: Woolens

My craft room floor...
covered in woolen remnants.
The strange cacophony of colors and patterns...
coming together in a most pleasing way...
begins here.
Got busy making some of my last year's designs
to get my feet wet
in working with this wonderful felted medium.
The Adult Tassel Hat &
Texting Gloves
Here I am at the bathroom mirror
trying to get a decent picture to share
with you all...
Texting Gloves doubling
Digital Photography Gloves...
so versatile.
Not a bad picture of me...
(which is why I posted can do that
when you have your own blog!)
Really does little to feature my designs
however. (sad face inserted here)
Here's a real winner...
you can see the tassel...
pay no-never-mind to that dangling
camera on the right of your screen.
Oh that angle is sooo
very flattering.
"James!" I ask you...seriously now...
isn't this way better?
Showcasing the merchandise...
not the model...what a concept!
Texting Gloves being worn
while texting...
so very clever!
Look at that cute, right-hand-only flower,
so the wearer doesn't get confused...
next best thing to the
joined mittens you wore in
An ensemble that will not only
keep you warm...
it will keep you looking good
while doing it.
( no-never-mind to
the background scenery)
This is one classy operation we're running here.
(James is available for all your photo needs.)
The Tassel Hat
Texting Gloves
are now available at
Harmony in Life.
Just keeping my sense of humor...
stay happy my friends.
(big smiley face with a wink inserted here.)

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