Wednesday, September 19, 2012

bettin' men

I've shared my love for
Atticus with you...
(To Kill A Mockingbird)
Is there another?
His patience
are admirable qualities
for a parent or
human for that matter.
But when I read how
he threw games...
his children's way...well...
I questioned his honesty.
His children thought he was
old and addled.
One could argue that his children
were 8 and 12 at the time
and it is the right thing
to do.
This is where we part ways.
I made it clear to my guys
early on that I would never
throw a game.
If they win...
they know it was by pure
and a good dose of
Is that mean and cold-hearted?
I prefer honest...
to a fault!

The other day I played
a game of Scrabble with Joe...
who has been enjoying
a Words With Friends
phone app.
His game had markedly
I had to bring my A-Game
if I had any chance of winning.
I didn't pull it off.
Joe beat me by 6 points...
but a win is a win!
I gave him his props.
With time to burn
the other night
we decided to play the round
of miniature golf
that was left on our 3-game ticket.
It looks like midnight
but it was like 8 o'clock...
I am not ready for this.

We were all pretty confident.
Talkin smack and making bets.
Loser goes swimming.
With evening temps approaching
the 30's...well that
pool has gotten
pretty chilly.
No one wanted to lose.
 this is a game they both
excel at.
Me...not so much.
You can see where this is headed.
A cold swim is good incentive.
Joe: 41
James: 44
Mom: 40
Can you believe James
Well...I couldn't do much
about that
but I sure
 can blog about it!
Sorry, Atticus.

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