Thursday, September 6, 2012

finishing before starting

Second semester of 2011/2012
school year brought
many unforeseen
has proven to begin
in much the
same fashion.
They are a wonderful and
scary part of life...
that must be greeted with
raw determination.
An answer to some degree...
the old adage...
finish something you started
before starting
something new.
We are applying that method
to our curriculum
Over the years we have
purchased many
good resources.

We turn to our book shelves
as we begin this new
school year.
Knowing all we need is right there...
or at the library...
at the computer...
in our Bibles...
around the corner...
in the form of a person
"has the answer we seek."

For now we will make do
what we have.
We will finish that book we started
and didn't get to finish...
because mom is a wee
bit enamoured with
a man named

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