Monday, September 24, 2012


This past weekend I was supposed to go...and assist in worship and song...on a Women's Retreat with my church family. Things happen. Usually not as you plan them. Oh...I know that those who did attend...found what they were searching for. Each compelled by the Spirit to be there. The Spirit can be sly...some may think they attended to help someone else who was going...some may have felt obligated to go...still others may have went for the pure fun of getting away. But one thing I am sure of...the Spirit had His hand in their being there...with a clear purposeful intention...and each left feeling renewed in their faith.
Delving into the Word with Beth Moore to guide...allowing The Word to speak to each heart...going deep...touching a chord...taking what was learned...feeling armed...ready to do the work.
With Camp Michindoh as a backdrop... surrounded and inspired by His beautiful creation...a reflective pond...Autumnal forest air. 
A place to really exhale.
A place to clean out the cobwebs.

My retreat was somewhat different. Although I was with my friends and family in prayer and much retreat was an inward one. Knowing I was right where I was supposed to be.
Thank you Lord  for clarity.
When I feel ready I will share my reasons.
For now...go with me on this inner quest for peace and contentment.

Beginning with an empty vessel.

Friday saw me nourishing my gang in a most delicious way. Challenged by a slim two recipes for Tuscan Bean Soup and creating a new variety. What fun...yeah, I realize I'm a bit strange...but that is fun for me.

And when  an original concoction tastes that sustains me in so many ways.

Yet another reason to give thanks.

So good in fact that I wrote down my recipe and filed it with my favorites from Whole Foods Kitchen Workshop (thanks, Heather...see sidebar Beauty That Moves for upcoming info). Click the pic above to enlarge...if interested...and try out my Tuscan Bean Soup With Cabbage.

My crowd was pleased.

Yours will be too.

My retreat found me at the other end of a broom.
Cleaning and clearing out those cobwebs I was talking about.

Domestic chores can be very rewarding...

filling you with a sense of accomplishment.

Canning...freezing...the bountiful crop I still have available in my very own front yard garden.  The strong fragrance of Basil filling my kitchen as I made the BEST pesto ever! Thank you again, Heather Bruggeman. Did I mention her workshop? This is definitely one of James' lick-the-plate-clean favorites. Declaring it the best vegan recipe I've tried so far.

Real. Slow. Family. Time.

Chasing away the dust. It was quite a race...but I was determined.

Scrubbing vigorously to remove stuff build-up.

Taking time to rest and reconnect in my corner...
my place to breath and think...
to read and know...
to delve deep and search for understanding...

to sing...praise...
empowered by The Word...
armed and ready to conquer all.

To find my way home...
ready to do the work.

Oh yes...
a retreat was still happening.


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  1. You were with us in spirit, Jenny! Let's plan that Outdoorsy Retreat for 2013!