Saturday, March 15, 2014

fast week

It felt like I went to bed 
Sunday night
and woke up
Saturday morning.

That kinda fast.

It all started when I bumped
into my brother
at the local grocery
and he began talking about 
the Snowy Owls
let me back up a bit to explain
that bird watching
is his newest passion
and he can't help himself
but every conversation
comes back to birds
I don't care if you're talking about
the fact that he has never
tried the
Starbucks at Kroger
somehow it will remind him
of the Colombian cockatoo
or whatever...
it is so much fun to watch
and learn.
 when he invited
or did I
insinuate myself?
to go on a hunt for
the Snowy Owl
they head north
I was all in
with James of course
so we could call it a field trip!

we saw the 
Horned Larks
American Kestrels
Red Tailed Hawks
Turkey Vultures

a critter or two

and there he is
the Snowy Owl
if you click on the pic
it will enlarge the image
good thing Tim was there
because I would have driven right on by
without noticing
it's like he has a
birdey (like Spidey) sense or something
and in a snap of his camera
he captured the moment
for James and myself
known as
a life bird
marking the first time
we viewed a Snowy Owl in his
natural habitat

so very cool

Thank you Tim for sharing
your passion
and those amazing pictures.

Then we got slammed
like the rest of the 
not just any snowstorm
I can't remember its name
or something
very scary like that!

sends shivers
up and down the spine.

But wait!
I skipped right over
field trip number 2
The Walk in the Garden
Vulcan hit.

the sun was shining
people were out and about
in short sleeves no less!

beauty at 
every turn

there was a small sailboat race
and I was able to capture
the colors of the sails
as they
danced on the breeze

then turning my camera
to sepia
I focused
my lens on the images
around me


all the beautiful images...
he was a given

she was quite 
as well.

Ah yes
 it was a resplendent day
yet these are but mere photos
of the originals
as we walked
the Louvre's
Tuileries Garden

right here
in Toledo, Ohio

they allowed me to take 
these sans flash

Once I get started
it's hard to
reel me back in

which is why
Joe and James
were so very happy that
the museum
was about to close

I did manage a quick picture of
the Cloister

thanks to Sue and Mom
for joining us
next time 
we will make a full day of it
with lunch at 
The Beirut
and we will leave those brats
(I think its terrible when adults speak
of their kids in such a manner!)
at home!

Then scary storm Vulture hit

with a Level 3 shutdown
and cancellations of just about
television watching!

Thank God!

Oh yeah,
throw in work
and a little girl turning 5
sister Mary coming into town...

like a whirlwind
I tell
Feeling a little breathless
as I sip my morning brew
peruse Isa'a cookbook
for my next
exotic food journey
Milan to Minsk
(I know, I'm weird)

Leaving me dizzy
but then again,
depending on who you ask
that's the 
way I roll.

Enjoy your weekend
cuz i'm gonna!


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