Saturday, March 1, 2014

my chai

Happy March

made much happier
with a cup of chai tea
to see you through until 

the key players
from my spice rack

Rather than a mortar and pestle
I use this mini food processor
and give the assorted spices
that's six!

that's important
because you don't want them too

Trust me.

I follow Heather's recipe
from Beauty That Moves
for the concentrate

This image is from the page you will be visiting

Here's the link:

You can acquire all the ingredients
from your local Kroger
the cardamon is ground
I find it quite strong
so I use 1/4 teaspoon
for my concentrate
since I prefer
to limit my caffeine
I use 5 tea bags
(my favorite brand is Yorkshire Gold)
rather than the suggested 8
which still gives it 
a little kick

Make any adjustments you feel
fit your mood
which is sure to be lifted
as you sip this warm

Celebrate March
with a cup of homemade

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