Monday, June 9, 2014

hippie chick :: a summer revival

Week One: Going Natural

It was a collision of two ongoing conversations
I had been having with myself.

Not deep...introspective stuff
this time
more of a simple
in the moment kind of thing.

both happened in the bathroom
which in my opinion is one of the best
places to talk to yourself
it can quite often be
the only time you are alone.

The first
happened in the shower
as I was trying to shave my underarms
(I warned you about being in the moment!)
and I noticed a drag with the razor.
I literally scrubbed the area
quite roughly
trying to create a smooth slippery surface.
Paying attention
I soon felt that same
waxy build-up on my body 
as well.

What was happening?
Was it caused by hormone fluctuations
once you reach
my age
everything is credited to hormones
or lack thereof.

My second conversation
was much like the first only this time
my focus turned to

Same scenario
except this time my attentions turned to
the amount of products
I was using
my nighttime routine.
Ready for it?
Soft soap, contact solution, eye make-up remover, clinique facial soap,
shampoo, conditioner, body wash, clarifying lotion, moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm, hair gel, deodorant/antiperspirant, toothpaste, and finally body lotion!

Sitting in bed I shared the embarrassing tally
with my husband 
and my belief that if I had been born in an earlier time
I would be the first in line to
buy what the carpetbagger was selling!

My first change was due to that first convo
and I made the switch to
Tom's deodorant
Long-Lasting Care Deodorant Stick (Lavender)

Going aluminum free.
Allowing my body to regulate its temp
via perspiration
as God intended!

More importantly...
no more drag
no more build-up
no complaints...really lovin' this stuff.

The razor glides with ease
and my pits can once again

This awareness I've been experiencing
spawned an idea
of working to not only
simplify my routines
but to 
improve upon them.

And of course
share my findings with you
as I make subtle switches
or complete 180's
all the while
keeping it real
I will tell all...
the good OR great
the bad OR horrendous
the ugly 

Body Care.

Maybe it was bound to happen
after making such a drastic change to my diet
and lifestyle.
Most recently,
that old/new philosophy with food
keeps picking at my brain...
you'll remember this one...
if you don't recognize an ingredient on the label
can't find it in your kitchen pantry
(soy isolates, for example)
can't even pronounce it
yeah, this even happens in the vegan world
maybe...just maybe...
you shouldn't be eating it!

With that thought in mind,
ask yourself,
would you be comfortable slathering
let's say your liver
with the lotions and potions you freely apply
to your body?
I know I sure wouldn't
and yet
skin is our largest organ
and man,
can we be abusive
(says the woman who didn't reapply her sunscreen
fast enough!)

I have much to learn
because let's face it
change is hard
especially when you have been
doing something
a certain way
your entire life.

Hippie Chick :: Summer Revival

Looking for brave 
product-loving women, such as myself, to
join along
or to stop by 
for a visit
and a laugh.

Only the brave
need apply...
re-applying is entirely optional.


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