Monday, June 23, 2014

hippie chick :: summer revival

Week Three :: Bohemian Crafting

Why Bohemian?

The answer is two-fold.

I married into a Bohemian family
my varied interests and
eclectic tastes
have me wearing the nationality

I love trying new things
be it a recipe
outdoor activities

life long learning
is a part of who I am
deep in my soul...

My recent studies
have taken me down an
herbal path
discovering their 
medicinal uses
health benefits
harvesting practices
cosmetic properties and uses
even contraindications

Is it any wonder 
that I look at my garden with
new and enlightened


it has found a home
and like a loyal friend
it visits each and every year
prolific and plentiful

a little bunny has made this patch
its own
I'm fine with sharing
since it is such a bountiful crop

this is the first year
(I reluctantly admit)
that I have looked at its
and thought

Let's give it a dry.
A quick-dry.

early in the morning
harvesting a small bouquet
washing it and spinning it dry
(A tip from Renee @ FIMBY)
 my favorite salad spinner
wrapping greens in a clean towel
taking it outside
and giving it a spin...
watering the surrounding plants is a perk!

I usually give it a little
more gentle drying
by dabbing with the towel
and airing for a bit

then laying it loosely
onto a cookie sheet
and preheating the oven to its lowest setting

mine is 170 degrees

propping the oven door open
with a wooden spoon
to allow air movement
I set the timer for a half hour
and kept close watch
careful not to burn it

taking a peek every
now and then
as the house filled with
oregano dreams

when the leaves looked fully dried
and were crispy to the touch
I turned off the oven and
left it there to completely dry

until the next day actually

then the fun 

holding the end of the stem
and dragging my fingers down
removing all the 
lovely leaves

filling two pint-sized mason jars
thinking Italian
delicious pizza
gift giving...

oregano's endless possibilities.

Now that's what I call
practical magic!


  1. I dug all of the oregano out of my garden...again! I just don't use it on anything. It's like mint...plant it in the soil, and stand back! It takes over! Not too sad about digging it out, though. I'm sure it will come back. Oregano always does. :) Enjoy!

    1. funny...i've been thinking of adding mint! mojito dreams...and so many other cosmetic and medicinal uses. getting a little "herby" over here.