Monday, July 8, 2013

All-American Pie :: Strawberry

One of the 
very attainable goals
I set for myself
early in the season
was to find the perfect pie.

My hope
at the time 
was that it would involve
a ride down country roads
to a Ma & Pa roadside diner
our little secret

A place we could call our own
and go to 
whenever we wanted 
a great piece of pie
and a cuppa Joe.

Now that part of the dream
has been elusive.
it is a place we call our own
my kitchen.


I just want one perfect piece
NOT a whole pie to tempt
before/after meals/for breakfast/as a midnight snack.
Gaining 10 pounds didn't make 
my list.

So far
what I have found 
are definitions to phrases like
that pie was definitely frozen
and baked in some oven
The tell: soggy crumb topping
and a flavor that screams

second cousin to
fresh from the oven 
leaving me with a 
somethings just not right 
after taste...
maybe those 
mystery ingredients strike again.

I know because I made it.
My one rule 
has been
to keep it vegan.

To all my vegan friends:
If you have ever wanted to
explore your vegan talents
stretch your vegan wings
by converting a traditional recipe
and substituting vegan friendly ingredients
but were reluctant to try
start with pie.

Hence the phrase
Easy as Pie.

Even my traditional 
Pat-In-The-Pan Pie Crust recipe
required one change only
(although I made two)
instead of vegetable oil I used canola
instead of whole milk...
almond milk.

As for the Strawberry Pie.
Mine was already up to 
vegan standards.
I did reduce the sugar because
I am sensitive to things being
too sweet.
Mine also called for
red food coloring.
Not needed when you're using
fresh from the field Michigan Berries.
that which is at its peak
makes such a difference.

Visit your Farmer's Market!

I even simplified my 1983 recipe
with one that was quite
similar on
All Recipes
using the 
Most Helpful Comments

That pie was 
super easy.
Another of my high criteria.

I will keep you posted
as my search continues.

But wait...

Are you holding out on me?

Have you already discovered 
THE place
for which I seek?

Please share...
Pretty please
with strawberries on top!

It'll be our little secret.


  1. My M.I.L. has been raving about Miss Lily's in Grand Rapids, OH. She says their homemade pies are out of this world(I think she goes about two or three times a month!). Not exactly down the road, but a fun day trip. I've been reading the Susan Branch cookbook you gave me, and now I want to try her gazpacho. She is so awesome, she was even cooking with quinoa thirteen years ago when this book was published! Such a fun book...thanks!

    1. Thanks for the lead...Grand Rapids always makes for a fun day. Refresh here...which Susan Branch did I get you? Funny...I was just telling mom I need to pull out her Summer Book...the one you got me! xo

    2. Girlfriends Forever. Susan Branch is still one of my favorite artists and illustrators, and she has a sweet blog, too! Made Fatoosh from your old recipe last night, and it was delicious! (Found the sumac at a funky street market in South Side Pittsburgh last weekend, filled with tons of shops selling international foods. Tell Jake whenever I go to an Italian market, I always look for Panna for him, but haven't found it yet!)

  2. Just one more reason to come for a visit ;)