Monday, July 22, 2013

hit the ground

The unanimous decision
to carry our
Garage Sale
through Saturday 
was made.
Good decision financially
since it was the best money making day
with 50% off

On Sunday I rested.

This Monday morning is a different
story altogether.
The frig is bare...

every imaginable flat surface
is stacked with stuff
I need to sift through
WE need to sift 
and sort through
and put back to their proper
designated locations
wherever that might be

This aftermath is to be expected
after such an ambitious endeavor
but add to that 
two adorable
little girls
in record breaking
heat advisory
and you can imagine how much action
my house saw.

Trips for ice and water
pit stops
(I swear that bathroom looks
like a rest stop along I-475!)
wardrobe changes...
I know I could keep going with 
this list
because it felt

Everyone pitched in to help
but there are those things
apparently many
that only Grandma Jenny 
can do.

Hold me...
said with a bit of a whine
because all were feeling the effects
of that heat...
 let's snuggle.

On a few 
very few
occasions the kids would take
a break in the cool air conditioning
while James made lunch...
Oh, I owe that kid a HUGE tip...
and catch a piece of a movie
before returning outdoors
to brave the elements...
and snuggle some more.

Three days
at that pace.
Friday night was my respite.
The house was empty and dirty
which I chose to ignore
as I threw on my tankini
and floated in a perfectly
87 degree
rum and Dr. P in hand
as I waited for my man to join me.
grabbing as bit of 
summer romance where I can.

And knowing when to say
let's just get some take-out.
Music to James' ears.

Today will find me running
and smiling 
as I think about that crazy
hot garage sale
spent with some of my


What have you been up to?

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  1. Glad you made some money and it was worth all the hard work. I've been scrubbing and cleaning around here and the place smells great!