Monday, July 1, 2013

summer reigns

that was a typo
Freudian in many ways
since I do love my summers

but this years' solstice
ushered in 
the rain.


Don't get me wrong
we have had lovely moments
of sun
as well
but each day we have experienced
torrential downpours.

Today appears to be no different.

Which I'm sure the farmers
will complain about...
last year drought
this year water.
Which leaves me wondering...
Has there ever been the perfect
growing season?

My little garden says

I answer with reservation
 since the excess moisture has
brought with it
some strange specimens

like a hardy crop of
throughout the lawn
but, oh...
that lawn is lush and green.

I didn't capture the
(you're welcome!)
that came in the house
via D.O.G.'s

A thick layer of 
on the north side 
of our yard...

that feels like
a luxurious carpet ride
under my feet.

Perfect for the fairies
that come to visit.

With these unusual suspects
in the yard
I visit my garden daily
not to water
but to pull a few weeds
and to 
vigilantly check for
any signs of
slugs or bugs
who may try to set up house.

So far I only found
a bunny
in the oregano
which I am more than
happy to share.

What about summer?

Did I find my summer
during this hiatus?

I did find calm and a good nights' sleep.
I did discover and finish
two good books.
I also noticed that there was
more conversation
as the boys would leave their respective
screens to spend some time with mom
(who was doing this solo)

As for summer...
it's coming slowly.

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  1. we've had rain rain and more rain. You have a lovely garden and I do love the post title :)