Friday, July 5, 2013

the 4th on the 5th

I've discovered something
about myself
where picture taking is 
It occurred to me during
Kierstin's dance recital a while back
that it would make such a wonderfully sweet
blog post.
how could I miss?

I could miss out
by watching through a lens
rather than
sitting back and experiencing
taking in the moment
for my own selfish pleasure.

Since then I find
I am often without my camera
and must explain
with my mental lens
which has proven 
not to be the most reliable
the most enjoyable for me.

There you have it.

Staying in the now
if you will.

as in this case
staying in the yesterday
where a small group gathered
for dogs and brewskis
Mom's newest fave
cheese and carrot casserole
jalapeno pepper poppers in a bowl
Cheesy potatoes that earned me a hug
from James.

A front yard
filled with leftover debris
from the fireworks show
had my boys (sans Josh)
running back and forth
from garage to yard
in batches of three 
with onlookers asking
Why don't you just bring them all closer?
To which James replied
Because we wouldn't want them to accidentally
catch on fire.
Seemed logical
especially in the light of past

Their efforts
yielded a few honks from
the cars passing by.
the highest of praise.

Joe's final thoughts on the whole experience
I don't know what it is
but it is so cool
to  blow shit up.
he said the "s" word.


As I wandered the yard
this morning with my camera in tow
I started
playing the rewind
in my mind
hearing the laughter
of goofy family stories that were told
and retold
to elicit the much expected response
from their audience.

The food
that was shared and enjoyed
and also created the
Oh...I'm stuffed
that it does each time we gather.

The plans.
Setting up the croquet course
unpacking the corn hole
tidying the patio and 
getting the cushions out for comfort
only to have 
first the humidity and then the rain
put a stop
to that
and Plan B was made...
sit inside and enjoy the air and food
and drink.

Did I mention 



With the big finale...
sitting out in the cooler night
to watch 
the show.

Fireflies and fireworks.

Not before mom
had Rudy
go out and take the flag down...
she is a stickler to the patriotic rule
down at sunset...
or before...
whichever the case
Mom was there to assist in the
taking down
the proper folding
then unfolding because it got a bit damp
and I hung it to dry first...
never touching the ground 
of course!

One last picture.
Deserving to be last
since it was my last
all natural defense against the
blood suckers of the night.

My citronella plant.

Rain and mosquitoes
seem to get along just fine.

Way over-rated.

Happy July 5th!


  1. Lovely post! I try to remember the camera and then I try to NOT remember the camera :) happy belated fourth!

  2. Happy fourth on the sixth to you, too! (I always forget my camera for the important moments, too. That's probably why I'm hardly ever taking photos when I'm home!). Gotta tell you...NO mosquitoes here in Pittsburgh. It's been the BEST summer ever! Come and visit and get away from Michigan's unofficial state bird. LOL!

    1. I actually leave the camera behind intentionally because I find it detracts from the pleasure of the moment. Highly recommended. we come!