Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"we should totally do that!"

First we were trying to keep up
with the Joneses...
then moved onto the 
Cleavers and
Carmichael Lynch
(I don't often cite an ad agency
but this one is deserving...
great work team!)
gives us something to really
strive for...
the adventurous couple
featured in their Subaru commercial
whose slogan is
"Let's do that."
Filling their road trip of firsts
with things like
deep sea diving
log rolling
bug eating.
All goes well until they get naked
and share a hot spring with
a couple of hippies...
ending with the line
"We really shouldn't have done that!"

Their troubled ending
did not deter me from throwing
their plan at my man
when we found ourselves
Married Without Children
for an entire weekend.

(The boys went to
Hell's Survivors
a weekend of paintball mayhem.)

When I posed the theme
"Let's do that!"
to my husband...
he was all about it.

Now some things
are not
appropriate to blog...
we are consenting adults
who haven't been
all alone in our own house for
way too long.
Let your imagination surf here.

The rest of the weekend
was fun but tame by Subaru's standards...
 we're new to this
couple without kids thing.
Started our Saturday at
Architectural Artifacts
in downtown Toledo
(Yeah...that's right...he took me downtown!)
We've always wanted to go
but it was either closed or we just 
Well we did on this day.
Such a cool place with everything
you could possibly imagine 
that has been salvaged from old
homes, buildings, outhouses, churches...
you name it
I'm sure they've got it.

Didn't know I needed something
until I found the knobs
that were missing from a salvaged desk
I use for my sewing table.
(will blog soon)
A real win because
I bartered and they accepted.
For those of you who care about such things
you can now add
Architectural Artifacts
to your list of
places that barter.

Time for lunch at
The Beirut
serving Mediterranean cuisine.

My choice
fattoush, hummus, olives and feta.
cabbage rolls.


We stayed for some baklava and
Turkish coffee
while a storm rumbled through.

Next up
decorating my guys office.
That's right...
all alone
 in the newest NOIC location
where the loan officers are housed...
lights dim...
putting a cabinet together
while watching
on their big screen.
I'm not kidding.

That man knows how to show 
me a good time.

Sounds silly
but we had great fun just being

We're newbies to this
filling of our days with firsts.
A work in progress.
Looking forward to the homework ahead. 

I'm even liking the thought of
ending our day with...
Maybe we shouldn't have done that!

he gave me an early b'day present...
tickets to see
Trace Adkins
at Centennial Terrace
(another first!)
Friday night.

I took it as a 
Tag...You're it!


  1. Did I mention 'keeping up' with Tina and Doug?


  2. I agree...Tina and Doug are usually good inspiration when it comes to adventure! Hope you and Sue had fun at the concert!