Wednesday, July 17, 2013

what am I doing blogging?

Making signs.
Hopefully selling.

Just a few of the items left on my to-do list
the big door opens
for business

Sometimes I wonder why I put myself
through these things.

Here at a house
full of boys
who like their great big motorized
I have to rearrange the garage 
to create enough room 
just to hold the stuff.

Even had my man move
his beloved bike
outta there
so I wouldn't have to
work around precious.

One of the many piles 
that have accumulated in my home
while I wait for space
to become available.

I'm not trying to fool anyone here...
this sale will be more of 
the yard variety.

The garage is strictly used for 
very temporary storage...
protection in case of (don't even think it!)
before it is all
pulled out and displayed
to sell.

That's when all the fun begins.
I love the
 haggling & bartering...
the visiting with neighbors
that I only see
at this annual event.

Why do I put myself through it?
You ask.
It's all about the 
big bucks.

Gotta get back to work.

Enjoy your hot summer day.
I hear tomorrow will be a great
day to go garage sale-ing.


  1. What? You're selling the wooden pails? Get outta here! That looks like a future paint project with some Annie Sloan paints! Did you post on Craigslist? You know how I swear by it for drawing in traffic. Good luck!

    1. By the way, that was me. :) I'd still like to come to town and have a combined garage sale at Mom's this summer. Let me know if you'll be up to it after today!

  2. hope you make big big bucks :)