Monday, March 26, 2012


 I woke with a prayer on my heart.
I laid in bed and talked to God.
Marvelled, actually.

It felt like a wonderful gift...
the waking in prayer,
 the understanding of
 His truth.

Right now.
Those were the words that
called to me from sleep.

Right now...
I am making flaxseed and cranberry muffins
enjoying the view from my window.

Right now
of yesterday spoke of love.

God's love for me.

Thank you, God for loving me.
The person I am right now.
Not the person I want to be...hope to be...
try to be.
Thank you, Lord for loving
the person I am...
right now...
this selfish, sinful, clumsy, messy,
sometimes ugly person
I am.

I would be lost without
Your love.

Your love centers me,
 strengthens me,
gives me a peace
 beyond understanding.

Your love
is an anchor to my

Thank you, Lord
for loving me...
as is.



  1. I think I hear a song in the making!

  2. And I thank Him for the selfless, cheerful,loving person that you usually are.

  3. Did you take a peek at Soulemama's website today. Somewhat similar ideas, but from a different perspective.