Thursday, March 8, 2012


In my handy-dandy desk side Oxford Dictionary, two columns are dedicated to define this simple/difficult word. My favorites in this case: 1 -n application of mental or physical effort to a purpose; use of energy. 2 task to be undertaken. 3 thing done or made by work; result of an action.
9 physics the exertion of force overcoming resistance. 13 theol. meritorious act. -v1 be engaged in bodily or physical activity. 5 operate or function. 7 to toil. 8 bring about; produce as a result.
11 progress gradually with difficulty. 15 be in motion; engage in physical exercise or training. Bring gradually to an efficient or advanced state.

Or, work can be defined by way of photographic means.

On the road to independence.
Today, work is spelled with 5 letters...
There is work in the doing.
There is work in the watching.
Each step taking you closer to being you...

I love you Mom.
You are the strongest woman I know.


  1. Yes, she is! Prayers for healing, Mom!

  2. Great post- but really? a picture of me from behind? I think that breaks some sort of sister rule:). love- Tina

  3. You made me cry...again! You are so sweet x

  4. I love you guys! And Tina, I think all would agree, you look great ftom that angle. Sue, hurry up with that water only thing...we sisters need a night out.

  5. I know...let's go out Easter night - just kidding (I think)