Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm making up words...
but bear with me.

trans- prefix 1 across, beyond.
 venue n. place for a match, meeting, concert, etc.
-able suffix that may or must be (eatable, payable...

You are listening to the sounds
of Love Song
written by The Cure
performed by 311.

An old song given new life
with a fresh voice and an
 island beat.

An old song given new meaning...
by way of
Not to be sung at a club...
but The Club...


Listen to the words.

Whenever I'm alone with You
You make me feel...
home again
whole again
young again
fun again
free again
clean again

I will be spending
much of the week with
my guitar

To learn a new vibe
get the rhythm
just right

get my mind wrapped around
this new

Shouldn't be hard
with lyrics
that lend themselves to
praising God.

However far away
I will always love You.

However long I stay
I will always love You.

Whatever words I say
I will always love You.

I will always love You.

This week Sheryl Crow
will get bumped for
the sounds of
Bob Marley.

I need to get my reggae on for God.


  1. Love this song- Adele sings it on that live CD i told you about:).

  2. Crikey! I'm so old that I danced to the original! The Cure at church? Better tell Ed...we may have to come back to town for this one! lol

  3. I know...crazy! But it's a good kind of crazy. Been loving this tune all week long...a-hem...aka praising God every day ;)