Monday, April 16, 2012

downtown saturdays

usually the fourth saturday of the month...
but when another group
asked us to switch
it became the second saturday.
the saturday my church family heads to
downtown toledo to
feed God's flock.
people...just like me...
who need a little help.
so we help where we can...
with hunger.

lutheran's love the


well do we have a casserole
(or brat)
for you!

since we made the trip...
and we held a few friends hostage
(I carried the keys)
we had to make a stop
at the farmers market.

i needed my honey fix!

not just any ol' honey
local honey
thank you very much

supporting the local economy.

small business owners
and operators
own a corner of my heart...
i am one after all.

i know how to crochet
but when the dishrag is
this cute and colorful
and i'm low on yarn stock...well
i will take three

now my kitchen
towel drawer
is replenished...

i love all the market has to offer
even the unusual jewelry.

not just any jewelry...but
earth grrrl
(said with a growl)
again tugs at my heart...
leather belts.

embellished artistically

by the earth grrrl herself...
ila aki
such a cool name
for a cool gir-r-rl.

this cuff is going to look

with my summer wardrobe...
playing my guitar...
whenever i feel like it.
its that kind of cool.

i even talked my sis into getting one
that caught her eye...
with a little charm
that simply said

i probably would have snatched it up
but it wasn't available
when i found
there's always the borrow.

next stop...
the driver wants to see what's
new at
swan creek candle company
maybe more candles...
whaddya think?

sniff testing
settled with cilantro clementine
for my newest kitchen

fresh clean and citrus-y
love it!

yes...i do make candles
but i 'em and
can never have enough.

at the check out my sis saw this
and knew it was one of my
favorites that i passed on
last trip
(we all need our little reminders)

naked bee
hand and body lotion
in the best scent ever...
orange blossom honey.
it is
with "all the good stuff,
none of the bad"

a perfect way to
sum-up my day...
thanks to all for joining me
whether you wanted to or not!

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  1. I must add that these were not all purchased on the same Saturday...I promise, Dave Ramsey...I am still collecting receipts and living like no one else!