Thursday, April 5, 2012

photo shop

The best kind of nights
when my sister Mary and family
come to visit and
the "kids" stay with us...
for at least a night.
Their bellies were filled
with whole foods recipe: Tasty Rice and Beans.
I swear I thought I was dining on

Dinner dishes loaded in the washer...
I went about attempting
some artsy-fartsy pictures.

My attention was quickly drawn to
the family room
where the group was multi-tasking...
TV... Monopoly...
and laughter.

I just love it when a board game
(a classic to boot!)
beats out
video carnage games.

I started taking pictures
of the proud moment...
saying things like
"just pretend I'm not here...
act natural...
I'm not going to blog this!"

The wheeling and dealing...
the theorizing
of monopoly...
as we all know if you own the railroads
and Park Place and Boardwalk...
well come on...
you are going to win!

Sam let me know that the
photo shoot
was over!
No more pictures...
I promise...

Congratulations, James...On your first
official win of the game!
Let me guess...
you owned the R&R's...
am I right?!

Not a fast game...
from the wee hours of the night...
 resuming play the next morning.

When I got to present
yet another
whole foods recipe:
Oat and Banana Pancakes...
of course, I just called them pancakes.

They went over BIG
with the gang.
 Sam discovered he liked
real maple syrup over
the fake stuff...
such a smart young man.

Process pictures would have been
great here...
 I didn't think of that
until after Joey
decided to prepare his cakes
to this photo worthy

I do that all the time
darn it!
Wish I would have taken pictures...
thinking later...
oh, that would have been a great post.

I'm just living life.

How dare me!

But always wanting tips...
for instance,
when Mary showed me some of
her recent pics of Mom's garden
and how she was able to achieve a clear
foreground and a fuzzy
I put her to work teaching me.

Beautiful pink tulips...
but the background is clearer than
I hoped for.

A complete miss here...
but how pretty and vivid
is that!?

I think I nailed it
with this one...
still playing with the new setting...
and Mary's tip:
stand back and zoom in!

By jove!
I think I've got it!

Thanks, Mary Rose...
I think you should stay for
a whole week
next visit and we can really
have us some fun.

Shopping...Game Playing...Talking...Eating...
Lots of Laughing.

Darn it!
I should have taken more pictures.

(tips welcome!)

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  1. Thanks for keeping the family fed and entertained, Jenny! We had fun, too. Now, when are you and the boys coming to visit us? Love ya!