Friday, April 20, 2012

this moment


blog sharing with soule mama
and friends...
one moment...
a simple fur flying extraordinary moment
that begged to be shared...
enjoy your moment-filled weekend!


  1. Thanks for stopping by this morning. Oh, oh the spring shed is underway here too!

  2. Ack... my dog is a Malamute X and he blows his coat every fall and spring. We've been doing A LOT of brushing around here!

    Isn't it amazing how much younger they look after a good brushing?

    Wishing you a delightful weekend.

  3. You know, we have one of those things but have never used it. Are they only for longer haired dogs? We have a boxer. The kids usually just brush him with the jelly mitt we used to brush horses with.

  4. It works great on short haired dogs...give it a try. This moment was actually very was snowing dog fur! Thanks for stopping by.