Wednesday, April 25, 2012

yoga toes

On a visit to see
soule mama
I noticed a sidebar advertisement
a footprint graphic
reminiscent of the old
hang-ten graphic
from years ago.
What ever happened to them?

inspiration struck.
I never question that!

It has been a while since
I've worked on altering t-shirts.
A little rusty.

Sometimes you have to wait for it
to happen...
that is.

After creating the image
I saw in my minds eye
and making stencils to reflect that...

it became a question of

much nicer.
Appealing to the symmetrical
in me.

Do the smelly chemistry...
for this finished result.

yoga toes.

The ladies at
Harmony in Life
are going to
love it!

I know them well.

Make sure they know me...
the t-shirt artist...

As much as I would love to
make enough stock
for the shop
I can't.
I must wait for it.
I'm never happy with the
forced result.

Speaking of yoga toes...
Harmony now carries

I've always wanted to try
these babies out.

With little grippers
on each toe

you never slip and slide around
but stay in the pose
you are meant to be in.

After taking them to the mat
 I can vouch for
they work!

Plus it feels like your
feet are getting a gentle massage
with each and every step.

Be nice to your feet.
Get your yoga toes on.


  1. You are right...they will love these shirts at the shop! Hope you made at least a dozen of them! I've got to say that Yoga is the best hour of my week that I spend doing something good for me.

    1. Actually...I made one. I try to make them one of kind...maybe I should re-think that rule! LOL...