Monday, April 9, 2012

easter monday

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK.
That's what the ugly fish month
has to say about

The sun is shining
the temperatures are cool.

But the sun is shining!

A Beautiful Easter Monday.

Easter Sunday was much the same.
Sun shining.
Glorious sun.
Cool...almost cold breeze.
Summer skirt on the bottom...
Winter jacket on the top.
(I must add Spring topper to my want list)
Morning scramble of
waking sleeping teens, searching for hidden baskets,
gathering everything to take to grandmas
after church.
Getting dressed.
Going to church to sing praises
to Our risen Lord!
Family stories.

Quick clean-up at home.
Finishing touches for dinner.
Eating, eating, and eating.
More family stories.
Enjoying little Kaylee's view of
Easter Village.
Crashing on the couch.

Realizing each day is a song of praise.

Sing your song!
Sing it loud.

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a beautiful easter, indeed.
    and those eyes! Gorgeous.